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4/27 – Wow!  Total culinary awesomeness at Dean Fearing’s (Ritz Carlton Dallas)  today at lunch.  The service is impeccable.  The waiter knows your name by the time you are seated.

Two of our THERE|Girls were a little chilly, so the waiter left and immediately returned with beautiful pastel pashminas that he draped around their shoulders….NICE!

We started the lunch off by ordering a Texas wine, Becker’s Cabernet Sauvignon; to go with ‘just-the-right-spiciness,’ made at the table, Tortilla Soup.  Of course, the breadbasket was delivered with Dean’s famous jalapeno cornbread!  Love it.  We also ordered another appetizer:  the Grade A Big Eye Tuna Sampler (Sashimi with Crushed Mango, served with a Tempura Roll).  The Bad News? They forgot to bring it. The Good News? When we asked about it, they apologized and gave it to us for free! Score!!

Today’s special was a t-bone lamb chop served over sauteed greens and a side of really great cauliflower; I don’t know how he prepared those veggies, but they were delicious.  The lamb was cooked to perfection. D Girl ordered the special and could not have been more pleased with her meal.

K Girl took a walk on the Wild Side and ordered the Mesquite Grilled Wild Bay of Fundy Salmon.  I would like to go to the Wild Bay of Fundy, where the heck is that, anyway?  Is it a real place? Is it the name of the salmon? I don’t know.  One thing I do know, the salmon in Fundy Bay (!) are wildly delicious and Dean sure does know how to grill them perfectly over a mesquite fire!!!

A Girl (Chicken!) ordered the Pan-Roasted Fran Fryers Chicken served on top of a sweet corn pan stuffing.

And then came dessert…..No, we NEVER saw Chef Morgan, but he’s apparently been hard at work creating new culinary dessert dishes to delight our palates.  We each ordered one thing and shared them all around.

D Girl got the popsicles, three tiny popsicles served perched on top of three tiny poppyseed tea cakes: a grapefruit rosemary, a lemon basil, and an orange something.  They were all really GOOD.  They EXPLODED on your tongue!! We decided they would be great served inside a martini glass with a little vodka.  Better than a 7-Eleven Slurpee.  This may be our next THERE|Bar concoction!  Coming soon……

A Girl got the Banana Pudding with HOMEMADE VANILLA WAFERS, topped with a toasted meringue and bananas foster sauce and served with three warm, sugar coated BEIGNETS.  YUM!

K Girl got the Apple Spice Cake: a sweet little tower of apple spice cake, topped with blackberry port sauce and served with two tiny little deep-fried caramel apple pies.  HEAVEN!

Of course, we ordered a pot of coffee to go with the dessert.  So dark, strong and hot!  The coffee, not the waiter.

If you haven’t tried Fearing’s yet, I highly recommend it.  They are having a Mother’s Day brunch next weekend! Hint Hint Hint


great pizza, good wineLast night (4/21), THERE|Girls were treated to an awesome dinner at Grimaldi’s in Uptown-Dallas/West Village.  Sitting out on the patio was a perfect way to end a really nice evening.  The Mediterranean Salad was very light and refreshing.  We ordered a Large for the table and it was more than enough for all five of us.

Oenophile ordered the wine (NOT CRAP WINE, see Oenophile’s Mantra); it was fantastic, but I had already imbibed in a few glasses at THERE|Bar and at Oenophile’s batchelor pad, so I’m ashamed to say I cannot remember what kind of wine it was.  A really good red and a really good white.

And then the pizza came:

Girl Pizza – Basil and Tomatoes

Guy Pizza – Sausage and Peppers

I had one slice of each – they were both EXCELLENT!  Our waitress, Jaime, was so nice and accommodating, and she also had the most AWESOME hair color!  She gave me the name of her stylist in Plano; I hope to be able to try them out soon!

Oh, and by the way, Grimaldi’s is right next door to THE FISH, one of our other favorite places…great sushi!


Just a few days ago, THERE|Girls ate at a WONDERFUL Thai restaurant in Uptown-Dallas/West VillageMALAI Thai-Vietnamese Kitchen.  If you haven’t tried it, you DEFINITELY need to check it out.  The lunch specials were all $8 each and a tremendous amount of food.  D and K both tried a stir-fried beef dish off the lunch specials menu, lunch-guest P (another glorious red-head) tried a lunch special served on a bed of hydroponically-grown lettuce, and A ordered the Shrimp Pad-Thai, which is one of the restaurant’s most famous dishes.  The owner brought out some amazing eggplant dip with sticky rice for a starter, and we also ordered some Spring Rolls to go with our meal.  The Peach-Ginger Detox Green Iced Tea was most refreshing.  The weather was great, so dining out on their patio was a must; THERE|Girls always have a great time watching the West-Village patrons pass by.  Total cost for appetizers/lunch/drinks for 4 THERE|Girls? $56 – not bad for a great Uptown meal!  We ALL agreed that we need to hang out in West Village more often: good restaurants/bars, good shops, great people-watching.  You can get there via an old-fashioned street car: The McKinney Avenue Trolley

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