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June 1, 2012 – School’s out for summer and the THERE girls were ready to get their drink on!  The fabulous drink of the day for this Friday was the Apple Martini.  Of course, THERE girls are so busy with their I.T. work and giving everyone the SCOOP over at their SCOOPonStyle site, they don’t have time for long, drawn-out drink recipes.  Here is our fast and easy rendition of an apple martini:

One can of chilled Izze Fizze Green Apple Soda, Two Shots of Vodka, Two thinly sliced sections of green apple, Two chilled martini glasses.

Add a shot of vodka to each martini glass, split the Apple soda equally between each glass; garnish with a green apple slice.




Good Friday Eve at THERE|Bar featured K|Girl’s Sangria, a not-to-sweet mixture of fruit, brandy, Grand Marnier, Dry Red Wine and Club Soda.  Here’s how I did it:

One large can of fruit cocktail

Any kind of chopped up fruit you have lurking in the fridge

1/2 c of brandy

1/2 c of Grand Marnier

Chop up your fruit into tiny little pieces.  I used about 1/4 of a mango, an entire orange, an entire apple, and a few pineapple chunks.  Dump the fruit cocktail into a Tupperware container.  Add your chopped up fruit.  Pour in the brandy and the Grand Marnier.  Put in the fridge and let sit overnight.  This will be enough for a few pitchers of Sangria.

For your party event, fill a pitcher with ice.  Scoop about a cup of fruit/brandy mixture into the pitcher.  Add three wine glasses full of wine and one wine glass full of club soda.  Add sliced lemons and limes.  Pour into wine glasses and enjoy!  (NOTE: some people like a sweeter Sangria; if you like it sweet, you can dissolve some sugar into some lime or lemon juice and add into the pitcher…or you can use Ginger Ale instead of Club Soda.)

P Girl brought some awesome Texas Caviar! It’s a whole lot like D Girl’s fantastic Shoe-Peg corn salad.  P Girl and D Girl need to comment back and give us all the recipe for this.  It’s just about the only way I like to eat blackeyed peas!!!







THERE|Bar’s featured drink of 4/15 – DONKEY PUNCH!  Have you had your Donkey Punched lately? 

D Girl worked hard all week, perfecting her Donkey Punch recipe.  We first tried Donkey Punch at The Nodding Donkey, another Uptown-Dallas restaurant/bar. After concocting and drinking Donkey Punch every night this week in her own kitchen, here’s the winning mixture that D Girl came up with:


This recipe is for making ONE SERVING of Donkey Punch; when making a whole pitcher of Donkey Punch, first drink a glassful or two, and then just start throwing stuff in the pitcher.

Fill a large glass with ice.  Add:

One shot of Light Rum and one shot of Vodka

1.5 shots of Peach Nectar

1.5 shots of Pineapple Juice

1.5 shots of Grapefruit Juice

Just a dash of grenadine

A Girl provided the appetizer – when you are getting your DONKEY PUNCHED, you have to have a little sustenance.  What better thing to go with Donkey Punch than the fantastic appetizers served by our own local Nodding Donkey bar?  It’s just a quick hop-skip-&donkey jump over to The Nodding Donkey, so A Girl ran over and bought a few orders of their AMAZING Texas Queso (brisket, pico de gallo, corn & jalapeno queso) and Smokey Guacamole (the chunks of bacon is what makes it smokey!)




THERE Bar’s featured alcohol of 4/11/11 – ABSOLUT RASPBERRI VODKA!

What did THERE girls make with this tart, slightly sweet berry infused vodka?  A quick check of the THERE Bar fridge revealed the following ingredients: SPRITE, CANADIAN CLUB SODA, DEL MONTE GRAPEFRUIT, SAN PELLEGRINO LIMONATA, and SAN PELLEGRINO ARANCIATA.  (PS to San Pellegrino, I can’t believe you don’t have a working website yet, what’s up with that???)

Ingenuity and an extreme need of an alcoholic drink at 4:30pm incited the THERE girls into coming up with some refreshing options for an overly warm April afternoon in Uptown Dallas.  Note to all you cooks and bartenders out there: we’re not real cooks and we’re not a real bar, so don’t expect to find measurements here.  We’ll try our best, but these are written AFTER we’ve had our drinks!

K’s drink choice:  Remove the grapefruit from the Del Monte Fruit Naturals Red Grapefruit Cup and put in a large glass.  Add crushed ice.  Muddle the grapefruit until it is thoroughly crushed with the ice.  Add the juice from the Del Monte Fruit Cup. Add more ice.  Add a splash/jigger/shot/however much you prefer of regular vodka, and then add just a tiny splash of ABSOLUT RASPBERRI VODKA, and fill the glass to the top with CANADIAN CLUB SODA.

A’s drink choice: A is so easy!  Just give her a glass, some ice, SPRITE, and her ABSOLUT RASPBERRI VODKA and she is good to go.

R’s drink choice: R is just a little more complicated drinker than A, plus she’s been through a couple of harrowing weeks here lately, so she chose to mix up CANADIAN CLUB SODA, ABSOLUT RASPBERRI VODKA, SPRITE, and just a splash of some SAN PELLEGRINO ARANCIATA.

D’s drink choice: Another easy mix, another girl eager to get her drink on.  D simply opened a can of SAN PELLEGRINO LIMONATA, poured it over ice and (Sorry! She doesn’t like Rasberri Vodka) added a shot of Tito’s Vodka.  If you haven’t tried Tito’s Vodka yet, you should!  It’s made in Texas and we love it!!!!

What to eat? What to eat? A girl can’t drink without a little something to eat to go along with it.

We went to the cupboard and it was almost BARE, but there were some organic tortilla chips in THERE!  Well, we live in Texas, I guess y’all know; what goes better with chips than some homemade queso?

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